Twin Info Solutions, as a BPO provide innovative business solutions that empower clients with a competitive advantage, enabling them to focus on their core activities.

As an outsource partner we stand bulwark to huge enterprises in the customer management space. We help corporate establishments achieve increased performance standards by mitigating their non-core business operations and lend web oriented customer services and support.

Twin Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a one stop shop for business out sourcing which was born in 2006. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combination with talent and time which could in turn leverage a company’s existing assets. We work hand in hand with global players and creative conglomerates opening new dimensions to become the front runner integrating technology and the talent pool.

Solutions are delivered after extensive study, analysis , brainstorming sessions to narrow down to a unique domain specific design. So that the company gets to accelerate their business reach and increase performance standards, focusing on their core strengths. We put the customer at ease and provide opportunity to focus on core business the benefits of reduced over-head costs and minimal workload, where by they get the added advantage of optimizing their resources with increased product reach.