FINS – Finance and Fixed Assets

For any business which grows and crosses the international borders require a financial application which keeps track of and simplifies its complex business operations on the same time secures its confidential data. The software must stand on top with regard to its reliability, power, speed and technology besides having the ability to adapt quickly to your business. FINS is engineered to effectively fulfill these needs and help overcome the challenges of a growing business. It is a bilaterally integrated application software with other modules like Payroll, Warehousing and Freight Forwarding. There are many options and reports available in the module to facilitate maximum flexibility for users.


Some of the salient features of the module

  • Cash flow and Fund flow option
  • Budgeting
  • Multi currency
  • PDC and Recurring PDC facility
  • Recurring JV facility
  • Drill down reports
  • Cost centre sub cost centre facility
  • Gross profit analysis
  • Previous Period locking
  • Multiple cheque deposit facility in a single transaction voucher.
  • Duplicate Reference number warning.
  • Voucher auditing can be enabled using a control parameter
  • Voucher auditing notification through mail can be enabled.
  • Customer Balance on Invoices

This option is customizable using a parameter. Customer balance on the quotes, orders and invoicing screen, you can also see your customer’s current balance credit limit and credit status.

Tracking Payment Outstanding
You can instantly retrieve data regarding which purchases or invoices are paid in full, partially paid, past due or unpaid so you can easily track amount which you supposed to pay and get.

Customer Outstanding Statements
Use Outstanding statements for billing your customers with detail from invoices, credit notes and allocated payments automatically disappear from the statements.
Receive Payments (Bank and Cash)
Each invoice which you raised against a job can be tracked until you receive it. Paid invoices will reflect in your balance.
Service Tax
Service tax calculation can be enabled by customizing a parameter in the finance module.
Voucher Cancellation
Vouchers can be cancelled by authorized people, which can be set using a parameter in the security module. Canceling any voucher will go through certain rules, allocated vouchers can not be cancelled also vouchers in the year which is already closed can not be cancelled. Canceling a voucher in the open year will generate an audit entry in the database along with a mail notification to specified users email address.
Audit Trial
Vouchers can be made audited from the starting of its creation; users will never be intimated regarding the same. Auditing reports can be taken from the system with many filtering criteria.
Balance on Screens
Customers or suppliers balance can be seen from the respective screens. This option is customizable using a security parameter.
Offline and online allocation of vouchers
Vouchers can be allocated against each other through online method or offline method. Offline method is also called as bulk allocation. Unallocated vouchers will appear in the outstanding statements.
Customizable Reports
There available 65+ reports for you to analyze, track, forecast and budget your finances and get the information critical to your business’s success and growth.
Year-End Closing
The system will automatically close the financial year and will create a new financial year for you. While doing the critical job of closing your fiscal year follow the correct steps.