FINS – General Module

The general module in FINS takes care of the login and security aspects of the software. Each user will be provided with a user name and password, which again will be stored in the database as encrypted. This module is linked to the HR module. Users/Groups can be restricted Company wise, branch wise, division wise; module wise etc. 5 levels of authentications are possible in the software, while level 5 will give maximum flexibility; level 0 will be ‘no access.

Some of the salient features of this module include:

  • User Level permission
  • Group Level permission
  • 5 Levels of permission settings
  • Module level permission
  • Company and Division level permission
  • Audit manager

Audit manager is another facility in FINS which will take care of the day to day transaction logs.Using these logs the modifications made to the data can be analysed.

Data transfer
Another facility in FINS which allows the authorized user to transfer the data from one branch to another

Script Generator
This tool can be used to generate scripts from the application

Customizable Parameters
Many functionality related to reports as well as for modules are depended on the parameter values,also the notifications are parameterized. A complete list of parameters available in the general module with its detailed description.