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The information age we live in has changed the way business transactions are managed. More and more transactions are now carried out online. Businesses of all sizes require well-designed websites to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

The exponential growth in the number of businesses opting to transact online and the resultant increase in the requirement for well-designed business websites has resulted in great demand for website (web) development service providers.

Good Business Websites

A good website is one in which the important information related to the business is detailed in great clarity and in a logically chronological order. This will ensure that a visitor to the website will have a smooth browsing experience. The visitor should be able to easily navigate through the contents of the website.

Hyperlinks to important information regarding the business like contact details and FAQs should be displayed prominently. This will enable the visitor can go to these pages immediately on accessing the website.

The web development company should be able to develop a website which has very good security features. This is especially important if financial transactions are done online. The website should have SSL Certificate from a reputed agency. Online business transactions between the business owner and the customer should be encrypted to avoid online theft.

Other important requirements of a good website are:

• It should be fully integrated with social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
• It should have multiple versions developed specifically for compatibility with devices like desktops, tablet PCs, mobile phones, etc.
• It should have multiple versions developed specifically for accessing using operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, etc.
• It should be hosted on a server that provides fast and uninterrupted access.

Web Development Company

A web development company is a firm that has specialized in the development of websites. Simple websites contain static pages of plain text. More complex websites contain pages wherein you can carry out online business transactions, interact via social media, etc. A web development company that offers its services to businesses for development of their websites should have considerable experience in developing complex websites.

There are a host of factors to be considered when selecting a web development company. It is not advisable to choose a company based only on the price it quotes.

Some of the important factors to be considered while selecting a web development company are given below:

• It should be employing a set of people who are highly skilled in developing websites and should be known for quality, reliability and promptness in delivering its services
• It should have extensive experience in developing websites for similar businesses
• It should be able to offer a comprehensive package that meets the client’s requirements
• The rates quoted by it should be competitive

Twin Info Solutions is a web development company that has people with the right skills and experience to develop the best business websites. The sites we have developed for our clients have stood the test of time.

We work with our clients to understand their specific requirements and conceptualize sites that meet these requirements. Our skilled teams of website developers then get to work on these requirements and apply their extensive experience to develop sites that possess all the characteristics of good business websites.

Our other business verticals include BPO services for freight forwarding and logistics companies and corporate communication services for businesses.

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